Checks That Reflect Your Personality

Check Formats
Deluxe offers these popular check formats online:
Single/Wallet Checks Duplicate Checks
SLE image
Top-bound, single part
checks in a standard
single/wallet format.
DPT image
Top-bound checks with
carbonless duplicates for
instant copies and fast, easy
record keeping.
Top-Stub and End-Stub checks can also be reordered online. All check formats include deposit tickets.
Check Security Features
To minimize the risk of fraud, Deluxe incorporates proven security features in our checks. These features help deter alteration and enable authentication. Your checks may include:
Check security image High security image
All checks include basic security features such as: Some designs include additional fraud-deterring features such as:
Micro Printing Security Square
A line of type normally too small to photocopy clearly Cannot be reproduced by copiers or scanners.
Security Screen Heat Reactive Ink
The words "Original Document" printed lightly so checks are more difficult to duplicate Ink color fades when warmed by touch or breath. If copied, the color will not fade.
Padlock Icon Personalized Microprint
This symbol indicates that security features present in the check are described in the Warning Box on the back. The date line is your name and the check number, in tiny print that appears as a solid line until magnified. Microprint cannot be reproduced by a copier.
Chemically Sensitive Paper Fraud Warning
Stains or spots may appear if a fraud perpetrator uses chemicals to alter handwritten information on your checks. Indicates that high security features are present to deter fraudsters.
Chemical Wash Detection Area
Chemical alteration attempts result in stains or discoloration in this area.
Original Document Back Pattern
Deters cut-and-paste alteration attempts.
Check Enhancements
Check enhancement image
Customize your checks by adding a personal touch! Based on your check design, the following enhancements may be available:
1   Symbol / Monogram
A symbol or monogram (also known as a woodcut), may be added to accent the look of your checks. These symbols appear in the upper-left hand corner.
2   Background Symbol
A background symbol may be chosen to enhance the look of your checks. These background symbols will appear as a shadow in the background.
3   Lettering
Choose your favorite type style for your personalized information.
4   Message
The message (or byline) adds extra character to your checks and is printed above the signature line.
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Learning About Checking Accounts
At Deluxe, we think it's important to educate people on the values and responsibilities of having a checking account. Our educational materials are great for first-time checking account holders, life skills learners, new arrivals to the United States, and as a refresher for anyone who writes checks.
Learning About Checking Accounts (PDF)
You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader® program to view this file.